Aether is a Prism-Technique Light Aura User created by Sleetimus.


"I was summoned to complete this task, and complete this task I will."

Location Edit

Aether is a summonable, and could be anywhere at any time.

Appearance Edit

Aether appears to be, based on its' hands, a grey creature of some sort. Most of its' features aside from the aforementioned hands and two glowing pinpricks of eyes are obscured by a large white hooded robe. It appears to hover across the ground rather than walk while moving, implying a lack of legs/feet to do so.

Personality Edit

Aether is subservient, as it is summoned specifically to obey its' master's orders.

Story Edit


Move-Set Edit

Aether has a Prism-Technique Light Aura, and can use the following attacks:

Lustre Punch

Aether charges light-energy into its' hand, punching the opponent.

Reflective Pulse

Aether transforms the area into a mirror-room, and then fires a simple beam of light. This fills the entire area due to the mirrors reflecting the beam.

Radiant Glow

Aether's hands glow, and it heals itself and any allies around it.

Soul Burst

If Aether is on the verge of death, it can activate this attack. Aether explodes with the range of an atom bomb. This is more affective on users of dark aura techniques.

Trivia Edit

  • Aether is not one single entity, it is actually multiple summonable creatures.
  • It has been called "the light version of a shade".